Pull up a screen and stay a while.

Welcome to my portfolio and personal storm chasing/travel blog. While some updates are seasonal (storms), and others happen completely at random (travel), a lot can happen all at once.

But really, who am I?

I’m Rachel McBee, a designer and hobbyist storm chaser originally from the east coast. A Pennsylvanian at heart, I lived in Upstate New York for several years after receiving my BFA at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)—GO, TIGERS! When I decided I had embraced enough chaos of Northeastern life, I took off for the West. Denver was my home for a few years, then Oklahoma (after I met my now husband), but ultimately my heart truly belongs near the Rockies in Colorado where I can get all of the Broncos games. Worth bringing up though, the Phillies will always be my favorite baseball team.

What do I do?

Digital Engagement is my happy place. I eat, sleep and breathe social media from tweets to snaps. In my work life I represent JEWISHcolorado, in my storm chasing life I work with McBeeWX, and in my spare time you can find me across the web as Pondertart.

I’m a problem-solver and a positive thinker. I’ve been a teacher and a trainer, and I love face-to-face time. My creativity doesn’t stop at design: I code, edit audio and video, and even write. So, in a nutshell: Graphic Design, Websites, Marketing & Branding—these are my top skills. But I won’t shy away if you need some nature photos.

If you’ve gotten this far….

Then it means you should continue reading, because my blog posts are waiting for you! I try to update frequently, but only when there’s something worth updating. Stick around, because I tend to be anything but boring.


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