Pull up a screen and stay a while.

Welcome to my portfolio and personal storm chasing/travel blog. While some updates are seasonal (storms), and others happen completely at random (travel), a lot can happen all at once.

But really, who am I?

I’m Rachel McBee, a designer and hobbyist storm chaser originally from the east coast. A Pennsylvanian at heart, I lived in Upstate New York for several years after receiving my BFA at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)—GO, TIGERS! When I decided I had embraced enough chaos of Northeastern life, I took off for the West. Denver was my home for a few years, then Oklahoma, then I went back…then back to the mountains…and I’m finally on the plains permanently!

If you’ve gotten this far…

Then it means you should continue reading because my blog posts are waiting for you! I try to update frequently, but only when there’s something worth updating. Stick around, because I tend to be anything but boring.


In a nutshell

I took my very first week+ staycation this month, and it gave me a lot of time…

Spiral In Decision

I’m BACK! And with it, I bring you a completed illustration: Spiral In Decision. Check it out a…

Work Chasing?

In catching up on a bajillion things (okay, maybe 3), this post is getting backdated to the…

Ixnay on the Maybenado Day

Oh. My. Goodness. Wow. What? I scored the storm I had always dreamed of yesterday. Gorgeous, sunlit…

Dude, dude…Texas.

Yesterday Chris and I decided to take our chances on storms forming out in the Texas Panhandle….