Well, hey there!

Welcome to my portfolio and personal blog for storm chasing and upcoming books. While some updates are seasonal (storms), and others happen completely at random (books), a lot can happen all at once.

Who am I?

I’m Rachel McBee, a designer and hobbyist storm chaser originally from the east coast. A Pennsylvanian at heart, I lived in Upstate New York for several years after college at Rochester Institute of Technology. When I decided I had enough of the chaos of Northeastern life, I took off for the West. Denver was my home for a few years, then Oklahoma (after I met my now husband), but in the end I determined that my heart truly belongs near the Rockies in Colorado. However to be fair, the Philadelphia Phillies will always be my favorite baseball team.

What do I do?

That is a fantastic question! I’m so glad you asked. I do everything, of course…but what I do well, as opposed to somewhat is completely different. My strengths are in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. I love WordPress, I’ve been working with it for years and even though I’ve dealt with other CMS options, I’ve always gone back to it. That means working with WordPress and its many theme and plugin options are my bread and butter. I love photography, but there’s always room for improvement. I can edit video, but I prefer to let the pros handle it. So, in a nutshell: Graphic Design, Website Design, Branding these are my top skills. But I won’t shy away if you need some nature photos.

If you’ve gotten this far….

Then it means you should continue reading, because the blog posts are waiting for you! I try to update frequently, but only when there’s something worth updating. So stick around, because I tend to be anything but boring.


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