Humble Beginnings

PonderART has been a creation of mine for as long as I can remember. However, when I originally came up with my brand, it had an extra letter: “T”. Pondertart has been a part of me since college.

I’ll be changing my name in a matter of months, and I thought…with that name change, should I attempt a rebrand? Even though MY name change won’t happen until this October, I’ll change one in the meantime.

As of today, Pondertart is dropping the T, and focusing more on ART.

The art and design I want to focus on is the kind that makes people think. I want to look at the smaller elements that in turn become building blocks for the big picture. For future clients, we’ll glance at the big picture together, but where we’ll really start is small: with the foundation. Remember: even skyscrapers start out on paper.

Want to remember what Pondertart looked like? It’s still here.