You Pick Up What I’m Layin’ Down?

Book one is finished. By finished, I mean it’s now in draft form (plus a round of revisions/additions/panic attacks from yours truly) and is now in the hands of several trustworthy readers. HOLY GOODNESS.

The next step after they approve the story or shoot it down in a fiery display of threatening emails and Facebook unfriendings…is to find an editor, followed by a publisher. It’s all coming together, especially if someone wants to publish it!

If not, it’ll be free on the iTunes Store because we all have to start SOMEWHERE.

And in case you’re curious, I’m already working on Book two.

When I feel it’s ready I’ll release the plot outline/some character descriptions to the masses, but until then you can follow my progress here or on Twitter at the NEW @pondertart.

Or you can just keep following @stormrushdotnet like you do. Because I know you do. It’s how we do.

I bid you adieu.

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