I’ve Grown A Lot This Year

Obligatory “The new year is almost here!” post is now live, and here’s what I have to say about this year:

No storms.
Okay, that’s not really fair of me to say, but Nature: you screwed up this year. Not only did you decide to skip tornadoes in rolling fields filled with sp*ders, you also decided to drop very few tornadoes at all…and a bunch of those hit towns. Not cool, Nature. Not. Cool.

I chased quite a bit this storm season and yet I saw nothing, because I was working on the days tornadoes decided to drop. My fiance-at-the-time snagged quite a few at the same time and then texted me photos of them because that’s cool. But I took the high road and made him an awesome demo reel using a couple of tricks that I learned at my job in Oklahoma.

I saw my first landspout. It was wrapped in rain and I was with too many seasoned chasers to feel comfortable running around and squealing like a little girl but at least it was something. Next year will be better because I am, after all, back in Colorado (said no Oklahoman ever).

I’m working on so many things right now it’s making my head spin. Mostly it’s web and video related, and I love it. Keep it coming!

If you haven’t heard about Birth of Argo yet then you’re either living under a rock or just haven’t been paying attention. It’s cool, yo. Just keep an eye on my blog for updates.

New Name.
I got mawwied, y’all! My husband is possibly the coolest husband that has ever husbanded, and so on.

Learned Oh-So Much.
I spent a ton of my free time learning more about the software I use every day. From web development to photography, I can’t believe the difference 365 days have made. Here’s an example using the Calhan, CO supercell from back in June 2012:

An edited photo the day after I shot it in 2012

2012 Calhan Photo

An edited photo from earlier today (barely 2014)

Calhan edited in 2014

See what a difference a year makes? It’s been real, y’all. See you in 2015!

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