Upgrade: Rapid Rotation Storm Tours

Rapid Rotation Storm Tours

Just in time for an April Fools’ launch (although the site itself is real), Rapid Rotation Storm Tours has gotten itself a drastic makeover. The more I looked at the old version of the site, the more I felt like it wasn’t really a destination for people. They would go to the site, poke around, and maybe they’d be back to book a tour later. But what if the site had more valuable information other than tour dates and the occasional blog post?

I slaved over the site for several weeks with Chris’s help and we came up with a site that’s not just visually appealing. It also has information for folks like me of 4 years ago that didn’t know a darn thing about Tornado Alley other than the fact that it has tornadoes. We revamped the storm gallery photo and video pages, we added fun stops for the typical cities the tour would stop in. I made it easier to book a tour without having to search.

See for yourself, now that it’s up: http://www.rapidrotationtours.com

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