I’m coming for you, Kansas.

And then I’m leaving you, Kansas. But I figure I should stop by, say hi, chase some supercells and then book south to visit family while the husband gets ready for storm tours. The likelihood of a tornado is greater than zero, so I’m excited about that. However, given that I haven’t even heard thunder in months I’m willing to say I’m ready for anything. Plus, spending over a week in Oklahoma should yield me something, right?

Related and yet, unrelated: If you stopped by the site in the past week and noticed several items being broken, including my awesome optical-illusion background…it’s because StormRush.net is no more. It automatically forwards to this site, my combined blog and portfolio. I realized running two sites didn’t make the most sense when I was pretty much giving the same updates on both. So, welcome to my storm chasing portfolio website of all of the things! It will be much better this way, I promise.

Now, back to getting Baron setup in my Subie for the brief time I’ll get to play with it…until Chris takes it away from me and sets it back up in the tour van. Then it’s back to sunny Colorado for me! At least for a little while.

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