Let’s try this again…but in Texas.

Last week we drove down to Oklahoma to spend some time with my husband’s family (and he’s staying through storm season for tours). On the way south we took an exceptionally long detour through Kansas and Oklahoma in the hopes of catching a tornado-warned storm. The first storm we were on did get warned, but not until after we left it to chase a different storm to the south. What we’ve learned throughout the years is that typically going after the southern storm (aka “Tail-end Charlie”) causes one’s tornado chances go up significantly. Apparently this tail-end storm didn’t get the memo because it proceeded to die out completely while the storm to the north dropped two tornadoes. You win some, you lose some, and then you try again…so tomorrow we’re off to the Texas panhandle to try and catch some dryline action.

The trip was made worthwhile in the end when we drove underneath our high-based, dying storm to get a closer view at some mesas to our west. It turned out be a gorgeous landscape of red land formations called Gloss Mountain State Park. A rainbow formed just before the sun completely set, providing some of the most beautifully staged photo ops I’ve ever had. I don’t have many shots, but the ones I do have are here on my Flickr page.

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