Game Day: Chase Day: Maybenado Day

It’s been a long, rough week of watching storms flood and threaten the place I called home for two years. The tornado in Norman formed about two miles from the house Chris and I owned, blowing over trees and power lines on live TV by very familiar businesses. Yesterday was another stormy one, including a brief landspout not far from our Broomfield apartment…that I heard about as it was happening. Win some, lose some.

Today was a hot, rainy mess down in Texas, so frankly I’m glad I didn’t make the trek down for it. But tomorrow’s a whole different ballgame (baseball sized¬†hail, BAM!), and I’ll be headed to southwest Kansas with a few friends to see what we can see. I’d love to get some worthwhile video for once, or at least add some photos to my Flickr account. My thought all week has been somewhere between Dodge City and Garden City, but the forecast has remained all kinds of confused when it comes to the models. We might stay in Colorado, we might venture into Oklahoma, we might just stick around home and have brunch. Who knows?

But, the goal tomorrow is storms…and we’re going to at least achieve that. Stay tuned.

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