Busy life calls for vacation!

I realize that it’s been well over a month since my last post. I’m sure everyone has been demon-refreshing my homepage, begging me for an update. Well, you’re in luck (and hopefully not out of fingers), here it is:

Working Girl
I got a job, y’all! I’m the new Web Content Manager for JEWISHcolorado. This is awesome on a number of levels, but most importantly: it’s for a cause I can jive with. I was raised Jewish, kind of fell away from it for a bit, and recently I wanted to get back into what made me so happy throughout the years. What better way than working for a nonprofit for my religion? It’s been fantastic so far, but there have been speed bumps as I’ve tried to work on both that and my freelance.

Cutting Back
So for now, I’ll be holding off on more freelance projects as I wrap up the ones I’ve been working on. I need a break from the designer’s life, and I really need to get back to my working/artist/writing life.

Argo, Maybe?
It’s been slow goings getting my main characters where I want them. After the first round of feedback from my absolutely amazing friends, I’ve been flushing out the entire storyline. Expect a longer book, and a different ending than what I had originally. Good thing very few folks have actually seen the ending of Book One. I’ll update soon, as cutting back on my freelance will give me more time to really fill out Lucy’s life. Oh, have I introduced my main character yet? I’ll do that soon!

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