Work Chasing?

In catching up on a bajillion things (okay, maybe 3), this post is getting backdated to the day it happened. I have a new job, and I love it more than I ever expected to love a job. How cool is that? As mentioned in my last post, it’s with JEWISHcolorado, an organization that I align with on so many levels. But rather than go on and on about how awesome they are, you can check them out on your leisure here.

Back to the subject line of this post: work. chasing.

The other day (aka the backdate on this post), I had a crazily-fulfilling day of social media presentations, website updates, email blasts, and everything else my new job entails. I love it all. But, one thing it did do to my head that day was keep me in work-mode as I walked out the door and looked up.

Mind you, I work in Glendale so I always look up. As I walk out the door and head up the lot to my car, to my right is the sky over Parker down to Castle Rock, which always packs a storm or two. To my left is the sky over Commerce City, which is part of my trip back home every day. Behind me is Cherry Creek and the mountains (yay!), where I can always see a storm brewing. Directly in front of me is Aurora, which typically holds no interest to me, because that sky is typically already too far east.

Of course on the day I’m work-crazed, I look up to see a remarkably well-defined funnel attempting to touch down to my east. Umwut. Really. THIS:


Armed only with my iPhone and the realization I was witnessing it completely alone, I called up Chris, asked him what to do, and proceeded to shout it out to Twitter. I learned later that if it did touch down, it quite possibly tipped over a lawn chair; but that was my first successful solo-post-work chase. And, I hadn’t even looked at SPC that day, so I’m clearly a natural at stumbling upon severe weather.

I look at SPC daily now and take my camera with me on any marginal risk.

And let that be a lesson: always look up.

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