It was the best of times.

I’ve been a little M.I.A., and I’m sure my adoring fans around the world have missed me. But I’ve returned triumphantly, and with a few more projects behind me. Stick around as I add some updated sites and artwork to my portfolio.

But that’s not really why you’re here, is it? It’s that shiny picture I posted that reeled you in—and it should have. If you watched the news any time in late May in Colorado, you probably heard about and saw footage of the Wray tornado. As you can tell, we got a little close to it.

We got two of our friends up close and personal with a tornado for the first time that day, and that alone was worth the trip…BUT DID YOU SEE THAT TORNADO?

The day started out pretty uneventful and honestly, kind of depressing. The cloud cover took forever to clear, it was kind of cold, and our last stop was the only store we could find for miles. We were surrounded by hopeful, slightly desperate storm chasers and weather spotters all staring up at the sky as though an invasion were imminent. The wind would kick up and die, the clouds would form and then fall apart. We were pretty much ready to call it a day…until the wind picked up again.

It felt different than earlier in the day. The clouds rolled in and stuck around; lightning began raining down all around us, and we hightailed it up a hill a bit to see what was happening.


The first tornado touched down so quickly that Chris barely remembered to put the car in park (was I not supposed to mention that? Whoops.). We leapt out of the car and set up tripods to film a classic tornado touch down in a farm field probably at least a mile from where we were standing. Car after car flew by, not even noticing the cone on the ground. By the time it lifted a few more chasers had joined us, but many were still driving well past us to our north. We stuck around, hopeful for another show, but totally fine with the short one we had gotten.

Then the wind shifted again, and we noticed very strong rotation above our heads. The storm was churning so quickly that a massive bowl-shaped lowering appeared in the center of it. Instead of touching down, the tornado seemed to form from the ground up, with a huge rotating gustnado at the base of the storm.


I was half expecting Bowdle, SD to come out of the storm, but instead we were greeted with what would be my 2nd favorite tornado of all time.


For those of you who don’t know, my husband is the videographer, and I’m the panicky/slightly aggressive driver. At one point the tornado got a little closer than we had all expected. There have only been a few times (please note: more than one is probably too many) in my life where I’ve heard the waterfall sound of a tornado near me. This time was the loudest, and according to Chris we were a “couple hundred yards” away from it.


I drove a bit further ahead until it crossed the road behind us, and then filmed/photographed one of the most beautiful scenes to date in my life.


These were tornadoes 1 and 2 out of 5 for this season…more to come, including a mothership, soon….

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