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Ambitious web and graphic designer seeks same in future employer.

You’re looking for creation, design & production of:

Promotional materials

Stand Out!
I have developed promotional materials for technology shows, home and houseware shows, car shows, annual conferences with new themes each year and more.

Team Publications

Print Isn’t Dead, Man.
I know magazines, and I’ve written newsletters. Keeping someone’s attention without the use of video has grown difficult, but I’ve done it. I even taught a course on it.

Event Support

You Need More than a Guy with a Sign.
For Digitech Systems’ annual reseller conference, each year I was tasked with creating a minisite, invitation, brochure, postcard and signage. It was awesome. 

Scoreboard and Web Graphics

Large Format Graphics are Huge
Ever seen those Tires Plus LED ads? How about these colleges? I’ve been in charge of ensuring they were free of imperfections and matched the right specs before sending them out the door.

Photography Coordination

Click, Click Zoom
Spending time on the plains dodging baseball-sized hail for the perfect action shot has given me plenty of photography and post-production experience. Plus, I know how to work with the pros.

Miscellaneous Projects

Hats? I love hats!
Throw it at me. I’ve done a little bit of everything from last minute interactive brochures to corporate anniversary videos. I’ve even given marketing presentations and stepped in as the “IT Guy”.

What I Know

Adobe Photoshop



Some might say I have a problem. To them I say, “Look: herding cats might be your hobby, but my hobby is photo manipulation and creating digital illustrations from scratch.”

Adobe Illustrator



Branding is my bread and butter, and there’s no easier way to make a lasting mark than to use Adobe Illustrator. Need that logo billboard-sized? That’s why I love it.

Adobe InDesign



I’ll admit it—I took a break from the traditional print world for web design. But since getting back into the nitty gritty of print processes, nothing else holds a candle to InDesign.

Adobe Dreamweaver



Before I dove head-first into WordPress and Drupal, I painstakingly created every website in HTML + CSS. This was all made possible by Adobe Dreamweaver, and I still use it today.

Adobe Premiere



Video editing wasn’t in my wheelhouse until I had a job that required it. Then I fell in love with it, and here I am, advancing more in it and loving it more every day.




I wouldn’t say everything I do is WordPress, but it is my jam. It’s the gateway CMS into harder software like Joomla, Drupal, and dare I say it, Magento.



Let’s Chat

You’ve gotten the basics about me and about what I can do, but what it really comes down to is this: I would love this job, and I would be honored to work for a team like the Denver Broncos. Baseball was my sport growing up, which is actually a good thing since otherwise I would have been an Eagles fan. Since branching out into other sports, football has quickly risen to the top of my favorites to experience. The only team I’ve ever truly felt aligned with has been the Broncos, and I could think of no other way to show my appreciation for a team that plays so well and holds such an incredible fan base.

I also promise, regardless of the outcome of the position, to attend far more Denver Outlaws games.

I hope this cover letter represents me as someone who is not only creative, but also someone who is dedicated to an opportunity from day one. Thank you for your time and consideration!

—Rachel McBee